Homeschool Sessions

We are offering Special Homeschool Sessions for the local homeschool groups.  

In our library of 350+ board games and card games, We have cooperative games, competitive games, and more.  


Benefits of Board Games:  

Games can be a fantastic tool to teach the children life skills.  They help memory, formation, and cognitive skills (problem solving, counting, matching, number and shape recognition, eye-hand coordination, etc).  They also teach important social skills- such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and interacting with others.  They also help children focus and help lengthen their attention span.  


Build your own session for your Homeschool group:

Your group can schedule for an open gaming session during which the children can pick out games from our library and play in groups- we can teach them the games if they need assisance.

We also offer homeschool group trivia session during which the kids can win prizes!  

If any groups are interested in scheduling a session with us, please email


Our Homeschool Sessions are also posted at