How It works


Cover CHarge

Pay the $6 cover charge and gain unlimited access to our library of games.  Choose a game to play out of the library, when finished, put it on the “game return” table and grab another!  Stick with the classics, try something new, join with another group of visitors and add in game expansion packs.... the possibilities are endless!  Grab a table in one of our 3 game rooms and have fun!  

Game Library

We have 350+ games for people of all ages!  From age 2 to age 99, we have something for everyone!  Choose from well over 200 games in our library and make memories!

If we don't have a game you like, make a game suggestion in our suggestion box and we will look at adding it to our library.  We are constantly expanding our library and are open to suggestions from our guests!


Find Game Friends!

Looking for people to play a game with?  We have  a "Find a Game Cafe Friend" list just for that purpose!  Add your name, the game/games you'd like people to play, and your contact information.  If someone wants to set up a game session with you at the cafe, they can contact you to set up a "game date!"  This is a great and easy way to find others that enjoy the same things you do!  Find another couple to play Euchre, Catan fans, people to play Bunco with, or a D&D group!